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Inertys innovation Bucher Vaslin has developed a new pressing process under neutral gas with gas recycling in a flexible hanging container located near the press. The flexible container volume is the equivalent of the capacity of the press.

During the pressing cycle, nitrogen (for instance) is transferred between the press tank and the flexible container.  The material of the flexible container (flexible PVC) ensures the transfer of gas without restriction of instantaneous flow rate.  This patented process put into production by Bucher Vaslin prevents needless wastage of inert gas. It becomes economic and profitable, so accessible to all concerned.

Diagramatically, the press tank is connected to a gas flexible container via the juice trough.  The « tank and juice trough » and « juice trough and flexible container » are connected together or disconnected according to the pressing phases. Must is discharged by a pump using a system of must recovery pumping control in the juice trough. 


Nitrogen transfer - Principle


Inertys process :